Regalis Wolf Pack RolePlay

A semi-literate forum roleplay that centers around the Regalis Wolf Pack. A new pack in an unfamiliar territory, will they be able to thrive or will they fall apart?

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Rules - Must Read

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1 Rules - Must Read on Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:07 pm



  • Follow instruction from the Admin, or I will ban you.
  • No drama between members, be respectful at all times (drama between characters is fine).
  • Please do not use any text speak (thx, plz, u, ect).
  • No talk of self harm, abuse, suicide, or illegal activities
  • No gossiping about other members
  • Do not spam any of the threads.
  • Do not type in all capital letters.
  • Do not use vibrant colors, or type your whole post in a larger font.
  • Hell & Damn are allowed, all other curse words are not allowed.
  • Read the sign-up sheet for a description and additional rules for signing up wolves.
  • Be as realistic as possible- no special powers, or vibrant colored/strangely marked wolves.
  • Do not post out of character posts in the RP thread.
  • No god-modding or perfect characters
  • Violence/gore is fine
  • Each post must be at least 4 sentences (I will likely be typing around 100 words per post)
  • Please skip over the mating process, talking about being in heat is fine
  • The Admin will control the time of day and current weather for the RP.
  • You can do Private Roleplays in the Chatter, just start a new topic
  • The Admin has the right to edit these rules whenever she feels the need to.

If you have any further questions, please contact theĀ Admin.

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